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Diagnostics Medical Center

Hotel "Kyivska Russ" Medical Center specializes in providing services in the field of urology, gynecology, breast care, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, internal medicine.


With the help of modern medical equipment a comprehensive examination and diagnosis is carried out by ultrasound, functional diagnostics, as well as a long list of laboratory tests.


Diagnostics in "Kyivska Russ" medical center include:


- Consultation with doctors-specialists;
- General examination of the body;
- Gynecological examination;
- Gastroenterological examination;
- Cardiac examination;
- Neurological examination.


- definition of biochemical tests is conducted with an automatic biochemical analyzer ACCENT 200  ;

- eighteen parameters of clinical blood test are defined with an automatic hematological analyzer MYTHIC 18, including using automatic urine analyzer;

- a blood formula and urogenital infection is defined by microscopic examination  ;

- test parameters of the infectious panel.

Ultrasound diagnosis:       

- the apparate of new generation TOSHIBA SSA-580A NEMIO XG is used , survey is conducted with sensors checkign the organs of abdominal cavity, urinary system, reproductive system (uterus, epididymis, prostate, testis), breast, thyroid, as well as vaginal and rectal probes.

 Functional diagnosis:

- is performed by electrocardiography with the computer interpretation of the result;

- fractional duodenal sounding with the use of mineral water "Naftusya".


All necessary inspections are prescribed by the doctor and are selected individually for each guest as soon as possible.


Hotel "Kyivska Russ" offers not only high quality, modern medical equipment and qualified medical - specialists, but also optimal terms of treatment and rehabilitation for our guests.