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Mineral water Medical Center

Mineral water "Naftusya" is the main spa water of the healh resort in Skhidnytsa, the value of which is determined by its radioprotective, and immunomodulated properties. But equally remarkable is its combination with the water type of Borzhomi classes (soda).

Brackish water (different on structure) and mineral waters of deposits have no analogues in the world and helps in the treatment of a number of diseases;removes stones and sand out of the the kidneys, removes cholesterol and restores the liver cells, cleans the urinary tract, prevents anemia, improves metabolism, increases the acidity and at the same time normalize hyperacidity, that is the positive effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, and of course, removes living radionuclides out of the human body, reduces blood sugar levels, promotes body resistance, increases the function of the human immune system, promotes healing and secretory functions of the digestive tract and so on.

In medical and diagnostic work are used generally accepted methods of sanatorium and spa treatment of mineral deposits.

According to the mineralization and chemical structure mineral waters of Skhidnytsa are divided into the following types:

1. Low-mineralized (up to 1 g / l) with high content of organic matter:

a) with more expressed diuretic action (source numbers 1, 3.5 26)

b) with more expressed choleretic action (source numbers 8, 9, 10, 25, 1 "C", 18 "C");

3. Ferruginous low-mineralized (up to 0,5 g / l) (sources number number 13, 15);

4. Sodium chloride (35 to 100 g / l and more) with high content of bromine.

 Mineral water "Naftusya" is unmatched on the the power of diuretic effect. Contributing to the growth of the urine excretion, it cleans the urinary tract inflammation out of food, germs, sand and small concrements.

Long observations have shown that expressed diuretic effect is attributed with an increase of glomerular filtration and tubular reduction of water. Analgesic effect is manifested primarily in the fact that during and after the course of treatment a painful feeling significantly reduced or even disappear at all.

Its detoxification properties show reduce of the concentration of residual nitrogen influenced by the treatment of patients with kidneys pathology, as well as increased excretion the urea by the kidneys and decrease of the urinary acid levels.

Physiological activity and especially its hepatoprotective activity is generally known.

Mineral water "Naftusya" affects not only the hepatobiliar system and kidneys, but also other organs and systems of human body.With each admission to the organism water causes a significant impact on the volume and composition of blood. Unique properties of number of sources - 13, 15 (no analogues in Ukraine) due to a high content of ferrous ions, which is a specific blood regenerator, accelerates the formation of red blood cells and serves as sort of building material for hemoglobin.

The water of these unique sources of Skhidnytsya is recommended in chronic diseases of stomach with reduced secretory function and with an anemia after bleeding.

In patients with impaired function of the gastrointestinal tract mineral water "Naftusya" increases the acidity of the stomach, affect blood acidity, normalize digestion.

On the territory of Skhidnytsya there are 38 springs and more than 17 boreholes, the main ones are:

  Borehole number 1 "C"

 Ingredients: curative brackish water with a high content of organic matter and hydrocarbon ions.

Indications: is recommended to patients with diseases of liver and urinary tract, with pancreatitis.Course of intake of mineral water to normalize all kinds of metabolic and hypoglycemic (reduce blood sugar) effect due to the normalization of liver function, promotes complete combustion intermediates of hydrocarbon circulation.

 Borehole number 2 "C "

 Ingredients: average salinity waters, soda, alkaline, hydro-sodium, a high content of microelements: silicic acid (35mh / l), bromine (0.5 g / l), iodine (0,5 g / l), organic matter (13mh / l).

Indications: is recommended for the treatment of stomach and intestines (ulcer of stomach and duodenal ulcers in remission stages, chronic gastritis with increased and normal acidity, gastro).

 Borehole number 18 "C "

 Ingredients: curative brackish water type "Naftusya", transparent, with a smell of hydrogen sulfide, hydro- sodium sulphate. Organic carbon content of 20-25 mg / l hydrogen sulfide to 2,5 g / dL. Water with a high content of microelements: silicic acid (39 mg / l), ferrous iron (1mg / l), cobalt (0.002 g / l) and biologically active organic matter treatment.

Indications: is recommended for stimulating formation of bile and the excretory functions, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in bile, stimulates regeneration of liver tissue, the recovery of kidney function, reduces inflammation, regulates metabolism.

 Source number 3

 Ingredients: curative brackish water, calcium hydro with the smell of hydrogen sulphide, with high content of microelements: copper, zinc, cobalt, iodine, bromine, fluorine, traces of silver, manganese.

This water is in the form of dissolved organic substances such as bitumen origin, which is the principal factor in treatment.

Indications: is recommended for the treatment of urology and its influence in a large number displays extra salt from the body (diseases with metabolic disorders) and prevent the growth and formation of stones.

Water shows a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect, improves blood circulation and urodynamics, restores normal functioning of kidneys, normalize blood sugar level, indicators of fat metabolism, contributes to partially removing of radionuclides from the body.

 Source number 10

 Ingredients: curative weak alkaline water (pH-7, 1), low odor of hydrogen sulfide, with high content of silicic acid (out of 28-37 mg / l), ferrous iron (1-2 mg / l) manganese (0.08 mg / l), hydrogen sulfide (0.9 mg / l), organic carbon (20 mg / l) and traces of silver.

Indications: drinking water increases the formation of bile acids and its derived (with reduced cholesterol levels)is recommended with the diseases of liver and biliary tracts (chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic hepatitis), and urinary tract diseases, kidney (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis).

Under the influence of the water increases urinary excretion of kidney function, increased diuresis ( urine ),filtrationand renal function .

 Source number 13

 Ingredients: curative brackish water, odorless, hydro-sulfate magnesium-sodium-calcium. Hydrogen sulfide flavor (0.58 mg / L), high iron content (17,5 mh/l-30mh/l), silicic acid (31,5 mg / l). Organic matter has oil origin.

Indications: This water is changing secretory function of gastric glands, with varying intensity, increases production of pepsin. Ferrous ions, as a specific regenerator blood, accelerate the formation of red blood cells and increase the level of hemoglobin.