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Diagnostic ophthalmology center Medical Center

Excellent vision and the absence of any complaints about eye problems does not mean that the visual system is completely healthy - many ophthalmic diseases are asymptomatic.
Do not delay your visit to an ophthalmologist! Regular prevention is the best way to protect yourself from possible vision problems.
In the diagnostic ophthalmological center of the hotel "Kiev Rus-Skhidnytsia" it is possible to solve vision problems professionally and painlessly.
The ophthalmic center is equipped with the ophthalmic equipment of the leading world companies and provides the up-to-date and complete diagnostics of the condition of the organ of vision. Perfect diagnostic imaging makes selection of glasses and contact lenses perfect.
In the case of a patient's initial treatment (for preventive examination or for complaints), we recommend a baseline examination. It includes the collection of anamnesis (detailed information on the patient's medical history), checking the visual acuity without and with correction, autoceratorefractometry (method of examination of the cornea), ophthalmoscopy, determination of eye pressure (after 40 years), diagnostics for children (selection of glasses), eye etc. injections, eyelid massage, Shirmer test, consultation of a qualified ophthalmologist, issuing an advisory report.